Kimberly is an extraordinary teacher and presenter. Her ability to weave humour and light into complex subject matter is a true gift. I had the pleasure of hearing Kimberly speak at The Chopra Center and found myself quickly drawn in by her professional, yet approachable manner and her deep knowledge of the material at hand. When Kimberly speaks, you feel like you’re in the company of a friend. Highly recommend!
— Anna
Kimberly has been a wonderful mentor and guide.  As an emerging leader, there were times I needed support and guidance that went above and beyond the day-to-day activities required by my new leadership role.  She taught me valuable organizational and communication skills that were both beneficial to me and my team.  Not only did I grow professionally with her guidance and feedback; I grew at home. I am happy to say that I now have a better work-life balance and a greater ability to focus on my personal aspirations. 
Thanks Kimberly!
— Diana
I thought that this [Intro to Meditation]was amazing after spending only an hour with you!
— Myra
You’re the embodiment of Mindful Leadership
— Eric
Kimberly is amazing.. She always has the right advice/guidance for me when I need it.. Sometimes I am so in the weeds with my problems/ challenges and she is able to help me re-center myself and see the forest through the trees.  Her calm and peaceful approach and guidance has been life changing for me and my life and I am SO thankful I found her! 
— Monica
I’ve seen a lot of people do poorly with online webinars - you were great, seriously a natural.; very relaxed and well articulated.
— East
It was fantastic [Intro to Mediation]. You make it so simple, and approachable. I am excited to implement what I learned into my day.
— Karen
Dearest Kimberly,

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring and empowering meditation!

Your gentle voice exudes warmth and compassion; your words connect to inner strength. Your love of wisdom and of helping others flow through the words. Leading meditation is certainly one of your gifts!
— Ruby
Love, love, love (the Fertility mediations you wrote)! Powerful - (almost) made me want to get pregnant just to experience the meditations. Moving - I teared up reading through it because it connected so much to my woman-ness.
— Julie - Natural Fertility Eggspurt